1430 - State/Federal Government

Policy 1430

Community Relations

State/Federal Government


The Board of Education, both directly and through its State Association, shall endeavor to secure approval of laws and regulations which the Board feels to be in the best interest of the school system through the state legislature. This policy shall include the pursuit of adequate and equitable sources of revenue to support the local free public schools.

State and Federal Aid

In order to bring the full benefit of state and federal aid programs to bear upon the needs of the school system, it is the policy of the Board to maintain close liaison with the State Department of Education and appropriate federal agencies, and to cooperate with them fully in providing improved educational services.

Newtown Public Schools should pursue all available grant sources to enhance the educational programs of the school system.  The Superintendent shall notify the Board of the intention to submit grant proposals for funding.  Board approval is required prior to grant acceptance.

Policy adopted:May 5, 2015    
NEWTOWN PUBLIC SCHOOLS, Newtown, Connecticut
EFFECTIVE: July 1, 2015
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