2151 - Hiring School Administrators

Policy 2151


Hiring School Administrators

The Board of Education (Board) recognizes that the Superintendent is its sole employee, and also that the district requires an administrative staff that will work productively and efficiently with the Superintendent. The Board further recognizes that administrators have a large impact on students and staff. Therefore, the Superintendent and the Board shall work cooperatively when recruiting and hiring administrative staff.

Hiring Procedure
There shall be a Search Committee for each open administrative position consisting of district staff and parents as the Director of Human Resources or his/her designee deems appropriate and shall also include up to two Board representatives as selected by the Board Chair. The Superintendent shall not be a member of the Search Committee. The Search Committee shall forward two or more potential candidates to the Superintendent who will form an advisory Selection Committee that includes others he/she feels warranted and up to two Board members. The Board members shall be selected by the Chair and shall not include those who served on the Search Committee for the position.

The Superintendent shall send his/her recommendation(s) to the Board at least five calendar days prior to a regular or special Board meeting in which the Board will accept or reject said recommendations. This meeting shall be held no later than one calendar month after receiving the Superintendent’s selection(s).  If the Board should reject all of the Superintendent's nominations, this procedure shall be repeated.

Alternative Procedure
Upon request of the Superintendent, the Board may vote to fully authorize the Superintendent and his/her staff to recruit and hire for a specified open position. This process may include up to two Board members, if included in said authorization.

Legal Reference:        Connecticut General Statutes

                                    10-151(b) Employment of teachers. Definitions. Tenure, etc.
                                     (as amended by P.A. 12-116, An Act Concerning Education Reform)

Policy adopted: July 30, 2015                                                           
Revised:December 20, 2022                                                        
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