3542.43 - Food Service - Charging Policy

Policy 3542.43

Business/Non-Instructional Operations

Food Service

Charging Policy

The school nutrition program is an essential part of the education system and by providing good- tasting, affordable, nutritious meals in pleasant surroundings; we are supporting the learning environment and helping to teach students the value of good nutrition. 

The Board of Education (Board) accepts full responsibility for adhering to the federal and state guidelines and regulations pertaining to the National School Lunch Program (NSLP) in schools where it is implemented. The Board also accepts full responsibility for providing regular priced meals, as well as free and reduced price meals for children qualifying under the guidelines identified by the NSLP. 

Any parent/guardian who anticipates a problem with paying for meals is encouraged to contact the Food Services Manager/Director and/or the applicable school Principal for assistance. The Board encourages all families who may have a child eligible for free or reduced price lunch to apply.

The Board recognizes that there is no legal requirement to allow students to charge meals, however because the District participates in the NSLP, the Board approves the establishment of a system to allow a student to charge a meal. 

The District strongly discourages the charging of meals, but understands that an occasional emergency may occur. In the event a student has no money, or their account balance is insufficient, the student will be allowed to charge meals. No snack or a-la-carte items shall be charged. Parents shall be notified of any negative balance and asked for prompt payment. Building Administrators will work with the food service vendor and parents to settle overcharged accounts. 

The Board realizes that funds from the non-profit school food service account, according to federal regulations, cannot be used to cover the cost of charged meals that have not been paid. Funds will be deducted from a custodial account. 

Moreover, federal funds are intended to subsidize the meals of children and may not be used to subsidize meals for adults (teachers, staff, and visitors). Adults are not allowed to charge meals and shall pay for such meals at the time of service or through pre-paid accounts. 

(cf. 3542 - Food Service Guidelines) 

Charging Policy

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10-215b Duties of State Board of Education re feeding programs. 
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Policy adopted:    July 18, 2017    
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