3293.1 - Authorization of Signature

Policy 3293.1

Business/Non-Instructional Operations

Authorization of Signature

The Superintendent and/or the Director of Business, individually or jointly as may be required, are hereby authorized to execute agreements, to apply for grants or to sign other documents as may be necessary in the normal course of the school system’s business, including documents that support the adopted budget or that implement the Board’s established policies or programs. This authorization does not extend to those agreements or other documents which require specific, formal approval of the Board of Education and/or the signature of the Board Chairman or other officer of the Board of Education.

To comply with regulations of the State Department of Education, the Board of Education will annually renew this authority by July 1st, designating by name the individuals holding the positions of Superintendent and Director of Business who are so authorized.

Policy adopted:    April 4, 2017  
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