4-203 - Health Examination - Initial Employment of Personnel

Policy 4-203 



The health examination requirement, upon initial employment, is both a protection for the individual in terms of the ability to perform the requirements of the assignment as well as for the school district in order to protect the health of students and others at work. There is no intent that this requirement will be used to deny employment because of a particular handicap or condition of health unless it can be established by examination that:
a. the health condition would be dangerous in the performance of assigned duties
b. the health condition would be hazardous to the health of others

As a condition of initial employment, each employee shall file with the Office of the Superintendent, not more than thirty (30) days after official notice of appointment, a written report of a health physical examination secured through a designated physician's service selected and paid for by the Board of Education. The report will become part of the employee's personnel file available only to the School Medical Advisor and the Superintendent. The written report will consist of a comprehensive statement of the appointee's fitness for duty.

This requirement is applicable to full- or part-time appointees unless the assignment is for less than ninety (90) days.


An exemption may be made if such examination procedure is contrary to the religious beliefs of the appointee and is so stated in writing. However, certification from a recognized source indicating that the appointee is free of certain communicable diseases will be required.

Adopted 7/9/63
Updated 1/25/77, 10/10/95
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