8-103 - Curriculum

Policy 8-103


The curricula of our schools shall be in harmony with the adopted district goals.

The Board of Education has the responsibility to govern the scope and nature of the instructional program. Accordingly, the board will review and take formal action on all recommendations for new program offerings, program deletions, and significant program revisions. A significant revision is one that will require a substantial change in resources or that will have high visibility and interest in the community. The board will concern itself with the overall content standards that recommended revisions or new offerings seek to achieve. Responsibility for the specific content and sequence of the program and for the employment of instructional strategies shall rest with the superintendent and his delegated staff members.

Curriculum development by the professional staff shall be guided by information concerning the learning needs of pupils and the aspirations of residents of the school district. The board and the staff will periodically examine the K-12 curriculum to ensure relevance, sequential development, and appropriate assessment measures.

Adopted 3/12/96
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