7-104 - Procedures Regarding Student Health Assessments and Medical Records

Policy 7-104


All students must meet the following criteria in order to comply with Public Act 94-103:
  1. Newly enrolled students and those entering from out-of-state schools must have proof of a health assessment prior to enrollment. 
  2. Connecticut students entering n grades six (6) and nine (9) will have until December first (1st) of that school year to obtain a health assessment. 
  3. All of the required elements of the health assessment must be completed during the specific time frame including a test for anemia.  A mantoux tuberculin test is required for only foreign and foreign-born students entering from a high-risk country.  (See pre-entrance requirements form attached.) 
  4. The results of the health assessment screenings and follow-up testing and treatment must be recorded on forms distributed by the State Department of Education. 
  5. The blue State Health Assessment form HAR-3 REV 4/20/10 only may be used to meet the requirements of an interscholastic sports physical.  The sport physical form may also be used to meet the sport physical requirements. 
  6. Students who fail to provide evidence of such health assessments in the specified time frame will be excluded from school until the health assessments are completed. 

Health assessments conducted by the school  will be arranged by the Nursing Supervisor  in cooperation with the school nurse with prior written notice to the parent or guardian as  specified in Public Act 94-103.  When the parent or guardian chooses to have the health assessment of the student conducted by a licensed medical practitioner of their choice, it will be at the expense of the parent or guardian.   

The results of any health assessment or psychological information recorded as part of  the student’s cumulative health record and filed under provisions of the appropriate sections of the Statutes shall not be open to public inspection.   

When a student permanently leaves the jurisdiction of the Newtown Public Schools, the  cumulative health record shall be sent to the chief administrative officer of the health office of the school district to which the student moves.  Original copies of the student health records will be sent to Connecticut schools and true copies will be sent to out-of-state school districts.  A true copy will be retained for each health records that is transmitted to a school system in Connecticut. 

Reference:  CGS 10-206 
Adopted 10/13/70 
Updated 5/24/77, 6/9/77, 1/11/83, 11/14/87, 12/10/91, 10/10/95, 11/12/96, 6/10/97, 
11/13/01, 4/3/12 

  1. Physical Examinations are required before entry into Pre-school, Kindergarten, prior to school enrollment (if a new student coming from outside the state of CT) and in Grades 6 and 10.  (A physical exam done within one year is acceptable). 
  2. State and local laws require the following immunizations to be completed beforeentry into school: 

POLIO VACCINATION - Physician’s verification of three (3) doses by entrance into school: the last dose received on or after the fourth birthday.   

DIPHTHERIA/TETANUS/PERTUSSIS IMMUNIZATION - Physician’s verification of four (4) doses before entrance into school: the last dose 
received on or after the fourth birthday.  Students who start the series at age 7 or older only need a total of 3 doses. ( DTaP is not given on or after 7th birthday.) 

Tdap/Td -  Physician’s verification of immunization on entry into Grade 7.  One dose for students who have completed their primary DTaP series. 
Students who start the series at age 7 or older only need a total of 3 doses  of tetanus-diphtheria containing vaccine, one of which must be Tdap.) 

MEASLES /MUMPS/RUBELLA VACCINATION - Physician’s verification of  immunization on or after twelve (12) months of age. A second vaccination  before entering Kindergarten and the 7th grade. (2 doses separated by a least 28 days – this applies to all students Grades K-12) 

HIB (HEMOPHILUS INFLUENZAE TYPE B) - Physician’s verification of immunization on entry into Preschool or Kindergarten - exempt if passed 
his/her 5th birthday. One dose on or after 1st birthday. 

HEPATITIS B (HBV/HepB) - Physician’s verification of 3 doses with last dose given on or after 24 weeks on age. Spacing intervals for a valid HepB 
series are at least 4 weeks between dose #1 and dose #2; 8 weeks between dose #2 and dose #3; at least 16 weeks between dose #1 and dose #3; 
dose #3 should not be given before 24 weeks of age.  This applies to all students K-12. 

VARICELLA  – Physician’s verification of one dose on or after the 1st birthday or verification of disease. Before entry into Kindergarten and Grade 7 – 2 doses separated by at least 3 months with the 1st dose after the 1st birthday. For unvaccinated students 13 years of age and older, 2 doses 
given at least 4 weeks apart. 

INFLUENZA – Physician’s verification for Preschool students - 1 dose administered each year between August 1st-December 31st. (2 doses 
separated by at least 28 days required for those receiving flu for the first time) 

HEPATITIS A – Physician’s verification for Preschool students - 2 doses given six months apart, 1st dose on or after 1st birthday. (Required for all Pre-
K students born on or after 1/1/07.  The vaccine will be required for all Kindergarten students born on or after 1/1/07 in the 2012-2013 school year.) 

MENINGOCOCCAL – Physician’s verification of 1 dose for students entering Grade 7 in 2011 and Grade 8 in 2012. 

PNEUMOCOCCAL – Physician’s verification for Preschool students - 1 dose on or after the 1st birthday for children less than 5 years old. The vaccine will be required for any student less than 5 years of age and born on  or after 1/1/2007 in the 2012-2013 school year. 

NOTE: Laboratory confirmation of immunity is only acceptable for Hepatitis B, Measles, Mumps, Rubella, Hepatitis A, and Varicella. Verification of 
Varicella Disease needs to be confirmed in writing by a MD, PA, or APRN that the child has a previous history of the disease, based on family or medical history. 

  1. 1. Religious (proper forms are required) and
  2. 2. Medical certification from a physician stating that the immunization is contraindicated) 
  3. 3. Tuberculin testing - This applies to foreign and foreign-born students (new entrants and Kindergarten students) entering from a high risk country*.  Physician’s verification of a tuberculin test (Mantoux) given in the USA, including the date given and the results of the test. 

*High Risk Country (As identified by the Center for Disease Control and the Connecticut Department of Public Health Infectious Diseases Section)

RESPONSIBILITY FOR COMPLIANCE with the State Immunization and Local Laws lie with the PARENTS.  The immunization record MUST be one that provides the necessary information about the type, date, and dosage and is to be signed by a physician.  A health record from the previous school will also be accepted. 

Revised February 2012
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