7-201.1 - High School Attendance Procedures

Policy 7-201.1


Reporting Absences

On any day when the student is not in school, the parent or guardian is responsible for calling the attendance office at 426-7656 (24 hours/7 days) with an explanation.

If the parent/guardian does not call the school, a written explanation is required within two school days of when the student returns to school.

If a parent or guardian does not contact the school, the student has an Undocumented Absence.

The penalties for Undocumented Absences, i.e., truancy, are as follows:
The first Undocumented Absence, i.e., truancy, will result in a one-day Saturday detention. Further Undocumented Absences, i.e., truancies, will result in suspension.
The penalties for Class Cutting are as follows:
First occurrence: Teacher may contact parents and assign a detention or equivalent.

Second and third occurrence: The administration will contact parents and assign detention or equivalent.
Further cutting may result in suspension.
Students will receive a grade of zero and have no right to make up any work they miss as a result of Class Cutting or an Undocumented Absence.
Students will be allowed to make up missed work without grade penalty for Documented Absences. It is the responsibility of the student to obtain assignments for Documented Absences. All work, including quizzes and tests, should be completed within two (2) school days of return, unless the time is extended by the teacher. 


Promptness to class is expected. On the third Tardiness to any class, and any succeeding
Tardiness to that class, a school detention or equivalent will be assigned. There will be a
grade penalty for work missed due to being tardy.

Loss of Class Credit
1.  A student will lose credit for a course after missing the tenth class of any semestercourse or after missing the twentieth class in a year-long course.  This isregardless of whether the student has missed the classes due to Class Cutting,  Undocumented Absences, or Documented Absences.
2.  Based on school records, parents will be notified after a student misses the fifth class for a semester course or misses the tenth class for a year-long course.
3.  Appeals for credit restoration must be submitted in writing by a student or parent/guardian to the principal's office within ten days of notification of loss of credit. Decisions regarding appeals will be made by the Appeals Board (see Definitions). Four or five members must rule in favor of the appeal to restore
4.  The Appeals Board will only consider the following categories of Documented  Absences in its review of credit restoration:

•serious illness, disabilities or handicapping condition
•extraordinary family emergencies

education reasons, including college visits
•religious observations
Long-Term Illness

Long-term illness requires a homebound tutor to enable the student to maintain class
work and course credit. Arrangements should be made by contacting guidance
counselors, attendance staff, or a member of the administration.

Permission to Leave School

Before administrative permission is given for a student to leave a school or school grounds or for a recognized senior privilege, a written note from the parent or guardian should be presented to the building principal or designee. In emergency situations a telephone call from the parent or guardian may suffice.  Students 18 years of age or older may sign themselves out.

Adopted 12/11/84
Modified 7/5/95, 10/10/95, 4/9/02
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