7-407 - Electronic Information Networks

Policy 7-407


The Board of Education recognizes that students must become frequent and proficient users of the technology necessary for twenty-first century work and
communication. To that end the Board encourages prudent and appropriate use of the Internet or other electronic information networks in order for students and staff to participate in distance learning activities, to ask questions of and consult with experts, to communicate with others, and to locate material to meet educational and developmental needs.

The Internet, a global electronic information infrastructure, acts as a super
network of the networks traditionally used by educators, businesses, the government, the military, non-profit organizations, and private citizens, as well as
by commercial enterprises. In Newtown schools and libraries, the Internet can be
used to instruct and inform, and as a publishing arena that allows students and
teachers an external audience for original work.

School library media specialists and teachers have a professional responsibility to work together to identify information appropriate to age and developmental levels of the students they serve. In addition, they have the responsibility to help students develop the intellectual skills needed to discriminate among information sources and to evaluate and use pertinent information to meet their educational goals. Because the Internet is a "fluid environment", the information available to students is constantly changing; therefore, it is impossible to predict with certainty what information students may access. Just as the purchase, availability, and use of other media does not constitute endorsement of their contents by the district, neither does making electronic information available to students imply endorsement of that content.

The Superintendent shall issue regulations to govern access to and use of electronic information networks .At a minimum such regulations must provide that use of the Internet or other electronic information networks will be conducted in accordance with applicable statutes and regulations regarding copyright and technology use.

Adopted 9/10/96
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