7-702 - Suicide Prevention

Policy 7-702


The Newtown Board of Education recognizes that su icide has become a leading cause of death among  young children and, consequently, is a major concern to our school system and community. It is the policy of the Board of Education to actively respond in an y situation where a student verbally or behaviorally indicates intent to engage in self-injurious actions or attempt suicide. 

The Board of Education recognizes the need for youth suicide prevention procedures and will establish program(s) to identify risk factors for youth suicide, procedures to intervene with such youth, referral services and training for teachers, other school professionals and students to provide assistance in these  programs. 

It is also recognized by the Board of Education that su icide is a complex issue and that while school staff members may recognize potentially suicidal youth, they cannot make clinical assessment of risk and provide in-depth counseling, but must refer the youth to an appropriate agency for such assessment and counseling. 

Therefore, any school employee who may have knowledge of a suicide threat or intent will report this  information to the school principal or his/her designee, who will, in turn, mobilize a crisis intervention team. The student’s family will be notified, and an appropriate referral will be made. At no time during this process is the student to be left alone. 

Legal Reference:  Connecticut General Statutes 
10-221 (e) Boards of education to prescribe rules 
Adopted 6/12/90 
Modified 10/10/95, 6/7/05 
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